WOW is the only word that describes the accomplishments that have been made here at Towards Employment. Being a part of this family, I know I have made a decision that will change my life forever. I could not have completed this without the proper guidance and tutelage of the staff of Towards Employment. I want to thank the following staff that helped me along the way with this chapter in my life: Ms. Shepard has pushed me to believe in myself; Mr. Larkins for continuously telling me that things will be okay and to keep my head up; Ms. Briggs for always helping me to understand business dress and last, but not least, Mr. Foglio for allowing me this great opportunity with Towards Employment.
I have faith in myself and the strengths that you all have empowered me with. The past three weeks have been an absolute blessing for me, they have opened my eyes and given me a new hunger to succeed in life. Again, I would like to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication.
DP, 31 year old White Female