I came to Towards Employment to overcome barriers and to gain meaningful employment. During the past two weeks at Towards Employment, I have been given hope and a future. Confidence is something that I always struggled with, but now that I have successfully completed the program, I now believe in myself and in my fellow classmates. Transitioning from prison has been very difficult for me, but the staff at Towards Employment has proven to me that anything I put my mind to, I can do.

I would personally like to thank the staff who facilitated the program and took the time to help my fellow classmates and I gain and retain the knowledge to improve our interviewing skills and to be able to work as a team. The staff truly has our best interest at heart and it feels good to be believed in when most, if not all of us came in here not believing in ourselves.

I live by the saying, “life is too short to not put your all into it.” Before Towards Employment, I always took to easy way out and tried to get through things by only doing the minimum, but now that I have completed Towards Employment, I know that I have to be in a lot of hard work to obtain the things I want and that I also need. I want to dedicate this letter to my fellow classmates and say that these past two weeks have allowed me to meet people that are just like me and some that have the same barriers that I have. We came in here not knowing anyone, but now we are leaving as a family; a family I truly appreciate and just like I have their best interest at hear, I believe they also have mine. The best part of this class for me was witnessing the changes in each and every one of us from day one to day ten! Thank you, and I truly appreciate each and every one that helped put this program together.

December 2015 graduate