Bloom Bakery Transitions From Start-Up to Growth Stage


  • Co-Founder and General Manager Logan Fahey to Step Down After Successful First Year
  • New Board of Trustees Named

Following Bloom Bakery’s successful first year of operation, its leadership and employees are focused on transitioning the start-up into a business that is positioned for long-term growth and becomes an established Cleveland staple. As part of that evolution, Co-Founder and General Manager Logan Fahey is stepping down from that role. Mark Whitham, Board Chair and Ellen Bruno, Director of Retail Operations, will oversee the daily operations while Fahey will continue to serve an advisor and consultant to ensure a smooth transition.

In addition, Towards Employment, the non-profit organization that created Bloom Bakery, has named six new members to Bloom’s Board of Directors, replacing members whose terms expired on April 13, 2017.

“As a social enterprise of Towards Employment, Bloom Bakery is dedicated to helping employees build new skills and improve their chances for long-term career success,” said Jill Rizika, Towards Employment Executive Director. “We’re indebted to Logan for his leadership and the Directors for their guidance during Bloom’s crucial first year of operation. Logan has been an integral part of every detail of the startup: from developing the business plan, to cultivating the partnership with artisan bakery specialist Maurice Chaplais, to building an outstanding team of employees and a brand that we hope will be embedded into the Cleveland food scene for a long time to come. We will continue to work with Maurice as we pursue our strategic plan to grow the operations and strengthen Bloom’s financial position. We’re grateful for the outstanding support we have received from our customers and the community during our first year, and we look forward to continuing to provide distinctive handcrafted baked goods and treats to the community for years to come.”

“Working with the team at Bloom has been a great honor,” Fahey said. “Turning the Bloom Bakery concept into a fully operational business with two locations, over 15 mission employees and thousands of customers is a true testament to our amazing team. Everything we have accomplished over the last 12 months is proof that this model for social enterprise really works and can have a beneficial impact on our community. Witnessing the individual successes of our employees as they navigate their career pathways has been my most significant personal and professional privilege, and I have complete confidence in Bloom’s ability to keep spearheading development in the social enterprise sector.”

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