Head baker, Bloom Bakery


Towards Employment’s social venture, Bloom Artisan Bakery and Cafe is seeking a head baker.

The Head Baker is a crucial and vital role to the success of the artisan bakery and café. The head baker will report to the general manager and be responsible for the overall production of bakery products (breads, pastries, lunch options, etc.) and the training and oversight of the production team, including mission staff (transitional employees). The head baker will be trained in the recipes formulated especially for the social enterprise bakery and then will be responsible for training other bakery production workers, overseeing quality and providing a structured, coaching-oriented supervisory style.  Must be willing to work with trainees that have limited prior baking experience and may have had involvement with the criminal justice system.


  • Hiring and supervising production team (bakers, line cooks, catering staff, interns) including setting clear expectations and goals, holding staff accountable for meeting quantity and quality goals, coaching, team building and creating a positive work environment;
  • Training production staff who may or may not have any previous bakery or culinary training (graduates from Towards Employment workforce programs); responsible for ensuring their individual success along with ensuring the end product is held to the standard;
  • Overseeing production: Overseeing daily production fulfillment, mixing formulations, dough processing, production line shaping and dividing, retarding, proofing, and maintenance/general knowledge of operating equipment; ensuring that the correct items are produced every day in the required quantities and quality, and in a timely fashion, in order to meet the deadlines of the business.
  • Maintain adequate ingredient inventories and coordinate ordering with General Manager;
  • Ordering all ingredients as prescribed during the training process; monitoring and maintaining inventory;
  • Adhere to quality and cleanliness standards ensuring that the health and safety standards are maintained; be fully conversant with the requirements as laid down by the food and safety inspectors;
  • Lead team efforts to minimize wastage and achieve efficiency and productivity performance metrics.


  • Be a passionate leader that has an eye for quality and able to recognize when a product is below the accepted standards.
  • Follow the methods and recipes as laid down during the training process.
  • Be able to inspire his/her team, set clear expectations, hold people accountable and support their success.
  • Able to lift 50 lbs on a recurring basis.
  • The head baker needs to be physically strong, and able to work on their feet for at least an eight-hour stretch.


  • Minimum of four years of restaurant operations experience.
  • Bakery experience required.
  • Strong supervision and coaching skills; experience leading highly effective and efficient teams.
  • Proven experience training other staff in culinary/baking environment.
  • Able to use Microsoft Office suite.
  • Demonstrated understanding of and passion for the mission of Towards Employment, including willingness to work with ex-offenders and others with barriers to employment.

Working conditions

The head baker will be responsible for managing and running the Bloom production site (commercial kitchen). Working conditions will include temperature differentials, heavy lifting, cooking ingredients in the air, etc.