Certificates of Qualification for Employment (CQEs) are available to individuals with criminal records through a 2012 Ohio law (Senate Bill 337). CQEs exist to alleviate some of the barriers that prevent individuals with a criminal backgrounds from being employed.

What does it mean for an individual to hold a CQE?

A CQE holder has voluntarily gone through a rigorous review process by Ohio rehabilitation officials, a judge, and a probation department. Through the review process, the following has been determined:

  1. the CQE will materially assist the individual in obtaining employment and/or occupational licensing
  2. the individual has a substantial need for the CQE in order to live a law-abiding life
  3. the person obtaining the CQE does not pose an unreasonable risk to any individual or to the public

How does a CQE benefit the employer?

A CQE provides employers with immunity from negligent hiring claims. An employer that has taken due care in the hiring process cannot be held liable in a civil action if the employer was aware of the CQE at the time of the alleged negligence. Employers can access a CQE fact sheet to print or share here.

How does a CQE benefit a job candidate? 

The CQE allows employers to consider job candidates with criminal records who would have previously been excluded from consideration. Applicants can access a CQE fact sheet to print or share here.

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For more information about CQE’s, fair hiring practices, tax credits and bonding services, or other questions around hiring individuals with criminal backgrounds, please contact info@towardsemployment.org.