Towards Employment is proud to offer Achieve Solutions for employers who are looking to retain employees and advance current employees through upskilling and coaching. By partnering with TE, your company will benefit from less employee turnover and free your time of searching for qualified employees.

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What We Do: Employee Retention

The rate of turnover in today’s entry-level workforce is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. Entry level positions are particularly prone to vacancies–43% of employees who quit their jobs in six months or less are lower/middle-skilled-and it costs nearly 50% of the annual salary of a middle skilled employee to replace them.

That’s why Achieve Solutions helps businesses tackle employee retention issues. Working one-on-one with frontline workers, our dedicated Career Coaches help employees  overcome obstacles such as lack of affordable housing, legal issues, unreliable transportation, and childcare—all things that would otherwise lead to higher turnover and disengagement for your business.

How We Do It: Coaching

Our coaches are at the heart of what we do. With specialized training in career coaching, our team offers your employees unparalled access to:

  • Individualized services and community resources to overcome work and life issues that prevent them from being reliable and productive at work.
  • Customized planning for work and life stability by connecting them to resources for housing, transportation, food assistance, and child care, as well as career and financial coaching.
  • Mental and behavioral health resources, legal assistance and help them understand and make the most of existing health insurance, EAPs, and other workplace benefits.
  • Specialized training for frontline employees, supervisors, and managers created in partnership with your business

Why Us:

By making investments in your workforce through programs like Achieve Solutions, you can retain your employees longer and help them overcome what’s keeping them from being productive on the job.

  • 85% Retention rate of employees utilizing this benefit
  • 9/10 Employees feel more stable and secure after utilizing this benefit

*All figures represent an average across reporting WorkLab Innovations Network partners

Contact Us:

Interested in finding out more or enrolling in our program? Contact Grace Heffernan at or at 216-696-5750