Towards Employment delivers bottom-line benefits to Northeast Ohio employers.

At no cost to you, we can source, screen and develop qualified job candidates to fill entry-level and other positions. We bring you individuals who are ready to work, motivated to perform and eager to succeed.

We have helped more than 122,000 job seekers find, get and keep quality jobs and helped hundreds of local employers solve their biggest recruiting challenge.

Let us help you

  • Reduce recruitment costs Our replacement services are free.
  • Find qualified, motivated employees We specialize in identifying job candidates with a solid work ethic and a desire for permanent employment. Our candidates have completed job readiness training and have been pre-screened to match your needs
  • Reduce turnover and boost retention Our retention rates exceed local and national benchmarks. We support our placements up to one year to ensure they are successful.

How it works

  1. Assessment We learn about your company, culture, required skills, screening criteria and job openings to understand the type of candidates who will thrive in your business.
  2. Preparation We prepare applicants for success through job readiness training, technical skills training and career coaching.
  3. Sourcing We search our pool of potential candidates for people best suited to your requirements.
  4. Prescreening We fully evaluate candidates and conduct background checks and drug screens.
  5. Coaching and support We offer new employees practical assistance to get off to a good start, such as help with child care and transportation.

To learn more about hiring from TE, or creating a customized program for your business, contact Chelsea Mills, director of business services at

Print the TE primer on staffing solutions for employers.