Job seekers living near or below poverty, who want to gain and retain employment, ultimately advancing into a career. While focusing primarily in Greater Cleveland, we serve others around the region through direct service partnerships and strategic collaborations.

Participants come to TE with a range of challenges from a lack of a high school diploma or technical credential; limited work experience and/or professional networks; a criminal background; or other challenges related to housing, transportation and a lack of familial or social supports.

More than 300 employers annually rely on TE as a source of reliable talent. TE has a dual customer approach in that is informed by industry demand and is responsive to the hiring needs of local businesses. TE partners with groups of employers by industry to develop strong talent pipelines that will meet their hiring needs. TE partners with individual employers to develop internal career pathways, frontline supervisory training, and other programs and policies that enhance staff retention, diversity and advancement opportunities.

Workforce providers partner with TE through direct service provision and strong referral networks; this strengthens and streamlines job seekers’ access to services.  We also provide coordination and leadership of networks to create a more aligned and easily navigated pathway to employment by offering the right service at the right time for each participant.

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