We consistently deliver strong performance, with job placements growing from 245 in 2009 to 560 in 2016.

With a staff of 63, over 80 volunteers, 24 board members, and a budget of $6.46 million, TE serves approximately 3,000 individuals every year.

In 2016

  • Ohio minimum wage was $8.10 per hour, but the average wage for our graduates was $10.40/hour (a $.19 increase over 2015)
  • We placed 560 people in full-time employment; 359 of whom had a criminal record
  • 184 people received credentialed training
  • 145 people had job advancements with an average increased wage of $12.82 hourly
  • We provided 1,991 supportive services to help disadvantaged youth and adults overcome barriers to employment such as transportation, child care and tools/uniforms
  • We offered 1, 245 legal services, including clearing criminal warrants, resolving child support cases, preventing evictions and foreclosures, and resolving credit issues
  • Partnered with over 300 employers who used us a source of reliable talent, increasing our ability to place graduates in jobs