Towards Employment works with individuals of many skill levels, but most start with us at entry-level. TE uses career pathway options and Personal Career Maps to help students pursue, progress through, and complete the education and/or training they need in order to attain the  industry recognized credentials that can lead to family-sustaining wages. TE has specialized supports for

People with Criminal Records

More than 6,000 individuals return to Cuyahoga County from the state prison system each year. Towards Employment has specialized training and experienced staff to help those seeking to gain employment and enter onto a career path.

Working Poor

Unpredictable schedules, lack of education, and little access to transportation can be overwhelming for today’s working poor who are seeking a career. Towards Employment helps individuals enter a career pathway and access GED services, technical training, and job search skills (among other services) to build critical bridges from poverty to income security.


Parents in our community are looking for skills to properly interact with and care for their children. Towards Employment helps parents access services that specifically address the challenges of fatherhood. Providing training and job opportunities along their career pathway enables parents to advance into positions that give them the confidence and economic security to care for their families. Towards Employment also has a defined fatherhood component in several of our programs.


Despite economic gains in Northeast Ohio, many Cleveland neighborhoods continue to struggle. In the Central, Hough, Glenville, Fairfax, and Mount Pleasant neighborhoods the overall unemployment rate is 27% (37% in Central) according to the American Community Survey (2007-2011). The lowest income populations in these neighborhoods have unemployment rates of 50%. TE partners with businesses and community organizations in economically distressed communities to build bridges between local employers and neighborhood residents seeking jobs. Successful “local hire” strategies prove a significant win for both the employer and employee.

Young adults

Young adults, ages 16-24, who are not connected to either education or employment are particularly vulnerable to poverty.  Towards Employment provides career planning, job search skills and work experience with employers through the Youth Resource Center (YRC) at Ohio Means Jobs-Cuyahoga County.