“Towards Employment is our first call.” Cleveland’s Rustbelt Reclamation wears the label “rust belt” as a badge of honor, drawing on past industrial glory to design and build handcrafted upcycled products using salvaged materials. As a quickly growing business, Rustbelt Reclamation was seeking new avenues of staffing. “This was an experiment for us,” says Chris Gellen, Director of Harvesting & Raw Materials, of hiring from Towards Employment (TE). “I went in with my eyes wide open. You’re never sure how temporary workers will fit into our culture, where our biggest asset is human resources, not wood or machinery.” Working closely with TE coach Joan Crosby, Chris was impressed by the motivated and well-prepared employees  and the support TE provided. “It couldn’t have gone better. They were part of the family from the first week, bringing a lot of passion for the company. These guys have something to prove. For them, nothing is taken for granted.” It’s not apples to apples to compare Towards Employment to a for-profit temp agency,” says Chris. “We look at it as an opportunity, not a stop gap. These guys set the bar really high. Towards Employment will be our first call if we need more workers.”

“Companies are flush with applications for entry-level workers, and it’s sometimes hard for companies to wade through the applications and make good picks. TE does a good job to ensure the quality of their candidates, which provides value for our members.” John Colm, Executive Director, WIRE-Net.

Learn more about TE’s partnership with WIRE-Net in this case study focused on WorkAdvance.

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