Our Work

We help build career pathways to successful, long-term employment while creating a talent pipeline for local businesses. 

We serve our community with a continuum of  services to help participants prepare for a job, get a job, keep a job and advance in a career.

TE’s career pathway model, with specialized supports for target populations, recognizes that individuals need the right services at the right time, and often in a non-linear sequence, to meet their goals. TE’s suite of services supports participants throughout the whole of their career pathway. Our pathway programming is part of a holistic and demand driven strategy to most effectively link disadvantaged job seekers to employment opportunities that lead to family sustaining wages.Visit our WorkAdvance page to learn how our career pathway programming model works.

To support the continued delivery of these services and to connect, share and learn from best workforce practices happening locally and nationwide, we lead, coordinate and collaborate on many strategic initiatives.