To grow the impact TE has through our direct services to both individuals and businesses, we work to promote a better aligned workforce system as part of an inclusive economic growth strategy for the NEO region. TE’s unique voice draws on lessons learned on the front lines of service provision to inform policy recommendations and to lead collaborative efforts that improve workforce programming for both job seekers and for businesses. TE partners with New Growth Group, a Cleveland based workforce development and talent management consulting firm to expand our capacity for coordination, analysis and evaluation of strategic initiatives.

Growing awareness on three key issues, statewide and nationally, creates an environment for testing new strategies and policies that support the TE mission.

  1. Awareness of constraints on opportunities for individual economic mobility on overall economic growth has led to an embrace of a “growth and opportunity” agenda promoting more inclusive economic growth strategies.
  2. Addressing the “skills gap” by investing in employer-driven education and training has led to greater interest in pairing education and training with appropriate wraparound supports to bridge the skills gap for businesses while creating economic stability those traditionally unable to obtain employment.
  3. Broader awareness that collateral sanctions cause many who have served time in the criminal justice system to remain marginalized, unable to move on with their lives to become productive citizens, loyal employees and caretakers of their families, has led to a bi-partisan call for criminal justice reforms.

Our policy platform, deep community partnerships, and leadership of WorkAdvance and TalentNEO demonstrate how TE builds awareness of these issues and develops programming that aims to address them.