Recognizing participants come to us with complex needs, Towards Employment has a long history of successful collaboration with other agencies that provide complementary services.

  1. We embed our services in other programs to serve targeted populations or to serve a different geography
    • Pre-release services to half-way houses (including Oriana House) and the Cuyahoga county Jail
    • Job clubs and 1-1 case management at neighborhood community centers (Lakewood Community Center; Cuyahoga Public Housing Authority)
    • Soft skills training component of a broader technical training (New Bridge Center for Arts and Technology, a Manchester-Bidwell replication)
  1. We engage other providers to enhance our internal programming:
    • Substance abuse prevention education
    • Financial literacy
    • GED services
    • Parenting skills
  1. TE builds more holistic programming by leading collaborative initiatives

Additional partner agencies include

Over 300 businesses rely on TE annually as a source of reliable talent. TE has a dual customer approach; ensuring programming is informed by industry demand and responsive to the hiring needs of local businesses. TE partners with industry clusters or groups of employers to develop strong talent pipelines to meet their hiring needs. TE partners with individual employers to develop internal career pathways, front line supervisory training, and other policies and programs that enhance retention, diversity or staff advancement strategies.